On Sunday Sir Plus was invited to exhibit his exceptional garments at a pop up shop on Portobello Road. There was a variety of great brands at the party, including Beautiful Bottoms, Austique, Sexy Pants and Naughty Knickers and Rafique (whose gig it was).

The event was a huge success and we're extremely grateful to those that put it on and to Alex who purchased half a dozen pairs. An attempt was made at taking a photo, but inside was so rammed it wasn't possible.

Next fair is for Shipston Home Nursing on Tuesday and it's out in the sticks. It's the first non London exhibition for quite a while, so it'll be grand to get some fresh air and enjoy the greenery. Sir Plus will be back in London for Friday and most probably at Portobello. Check Facebook or Twitter for confirmation.

Kind Regards,

Sir Plus


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