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On Wednesday of this week Sir Plus had his first photo shoot. Big deal.

The first venue was an old pub in the Holborn called The Citttie of York, which allegedly (perhaps unbelievably) dates back to 1430. The interior is lined with old oak barrels and a sign above the bar boasts that the beer is brewed in 'Yorkshire's Oldest Brewery'. Huge appreciation to the tolerant landlord for letting it go ahead.

The photographers were two extremely talented young ladies called Vic and Soph, old acquaintances of Sir Plus. They came with lighting, cameras and two stunning models called Kensey and Ed. I was the chauffeur and provided the picnic.

One of the most popular products in the Sir Plus range is the bow tie. It was this item that the photo-shoot was going to emphasise and really do justice. Only spanner in the works was that nobody present was able to tie a bow tie. Oh dear.

Luckily, the location of the pub (London City), meant that there were plenty of kind gentleman willing to lend a hand and tie the knot. The second venue was St James Park, where we struggled to find a solution to this problem. (Not enough suits present). By the time we found a kind Sir to help us out, the light was fading and we were nearly caught short.

Fortunately some great shots were taken, which will be available for all to see very soon. Here's a sneaky shot of the chap who helped us out in the park. (a la iPhone)

Yours Ever,

Sir Plus

Sir Plus shoot

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