Here at Sir Plus, we're committed to making our boxers the best they can possibly be.That's why we're reviewing our style - to make sure we get the perfect shape.

Although we'd like to think we're pretty knowledgeable in the underwear market, we're calling on your opinion. Gusset or no gusset, that is the question..


The main benefit of a gusset is it acts as a back panel and prevents the seam going down the rear. It creates a roomier effect and is a more traditional cut.


The major disadvantage of the gusset, is that they can give the boxer short a rather unflattering appearance. Having 4 panels (like a trouser), enables a snugger fit, which looks slicker.

We're not going to get technical on you, but having a gusset makes it nigh on impossible to have the opening down the side leg. This can make the boxer short a bit more restrictive!

The person with the most constructive feedback will receive a pair of boxer shorts - on the house. An appropriate reward, we think!

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