Exclusive look at the Sir Plus & Ushoot Studio Photoshoot. 

A few months back we won the exciting opportunity to get involved and shoot some new surplus at the Ushoot Studios in Angel, London. After a great introduction and being stunned by the insane technology, we just couldn't wait to get our new products in there!

I don't know how many of you have ever been involved in product photography but it takes a team of ninjas to get perfect results. These machines gave us a rest and they really do do all the hard work for you. It's literally at the touch of a button! Zooming, light adjustment, focus- it even cuts it out. There's options to use mannequins, lay products flat and/or get creative with the area available.

Technology aside, there is human interaction. The lovely Carine, Abbie & Dan will make you feel totally at home and we even spotted some wine in the fridge.

Many thanks to Ushoot & the team and we look forward to uploading our new range of products soon.

Sir Plus x

You can check out their love for us here. 

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