• Sir Plus x Rose Electra Harris: Meet the artist

    As the second instalment of our collaboration with Rose Electra Harris lands, we revisit our conversation with the artist in her south London studio. There’s no mistaking a Rose Electra Harris. The London-based artist is fast carving a name for herself through her bright, colourful dreamscapes. ... View Post
  • Sir Plus is dead, long live SIRPLUS

    A brand’s logo is its calling card. Its coat of arms. A way of telling people, “this is what we’re about”, in a black and white jpeg. Our original logo – consigned to the archives in 2015 – used a cabbage to tell our story (cabbage = surplus, in the textiles industry). As for the top hat – well, ... View Post
  • Disrobing the dressing gown

    A dressing gown is one of those things which stealthily becomes part of daily life, much like flossing or avoiding eye contact while on the tube. There’s likely one hanging on the back of your bedroom door, or – should you be reading this on a particularly dreary Sunday – draped across your tors... View Post
  • An igloo-sive new collaboration: Sir Plus x The Global Penguin Society

    Climate change is snow joke for the world’s 18 species of penguins. Along with ocean pollution, fishing mismanagement and oil drilling, it’s one of the reasons why 55% of the species are listed as under threat. It’s why we’ve decided to donate 10% of all profits from our igloo-sive Burgundy Pe... View Post
  • A workshop visit with Maximum Paris

    On a day off from running our Le Marais pop-up, Sir Plus’ Paris store manager March met with likeminded furniture brand Maximum Paris. I first met came across Maximum when founder Armand dropped by our Le Marais pop-up. We soon realised that we had much in common, as Armand explained to me how h... View Post
  • How to care for cashmere

      What is it about cashmere that makes it that much better than any other wools? We could talk about its origins – combed from the undercoat of the Mongolian Aerbasi, softer and finer than any other goat’s hair. We could talk about its natural properties – how breathable and insulating it is wh... View Post
  • On a bright, clear day in a quiet corner of south-east London, Sir Plus met with furniture designer Daniel Schofield. We sit in Daniel’s studio – a suitably modest, brightly-lit space in a former factory building. His walls are lined with sketches, self-designed mirrors, prototypes of light fixt... View Post
  • Bienvenue à Paris!

    We’ve been brushing up our French as we open the doors to our new maison for the next nine weeks.Our new pop-up is in Le Marais, on the right bank of the Seine. Throughout its history the area has been home to royalty, blue-collar workers and Chinese, Jewish and LGBT communities alike. More rec... View Post