The Linen Suit - a versatile friend

At SIRPLUS there’s no hiding it - we love linen. It’s good for the planet, good for our temperatures and good for our wardrobes. As a fabric choice, it doesn’t get much more green, needing minimal water and every part of the plant is usable. Its low thread count and moisture-wicking abilities mean you keep crystal cool wherever you are. Plus, its effortless durability and natural resilience means it improves with every wear.  Our new Spring/Summer 2020 line also ups the ante, with a new cotton-linen blend that keeps everything we love but also reducing the crease factor.

So, as spring begins to show it’s true colours, it’s the perfect conscious addition to your wardrobe - stepping into the transitional period primed and ready. Good quality linen pieces work effortlessly day-to-night. Here are some of our favourite ways to style the new season SIRPLUS linens, showcasing our flexible heroes at their very best. 

The Morning Meeting

It’s true superpower? Linen combines style and practicality, allowing you to look smart and stay cool. No more turning up with a slight sheen or unhappy underarms. Plus, despite its propensity to be worn by lounging french film director’s, the new breed of linen suit has the skills to be quintessentially sharp. 

The Navy Linen Nehru Jacket is a crisp update to transitional tailoring. A mini herringbone linen-cotton blend that’s less prone to wrinkling, so you don’t fear stepping into the transitional periods with a little less stiffness. 

Cut with our signature Mandarin collar and lined in Italian surplus cotton, the Navy Linen Nehru has jet pockets on the inside and out and fastens with navy mother of pearl buttons.  It’s been a SIRPLUS staple for years and will keep you cool, calm and collected - whether it’s a beach wedding or alfresco meeting.  



For an even smoother silhouette try a lighter shade in the Grey Linen Nehru Jacket with a smart herringbone finish. The soft grey alludes to the classic 1920s gentleman, with a mandarin collar bringing it firmly into 2020. To keep it streamlined, think more James Bond than Jay Gatsby, and follow a muted palette. Let the traditional herringbone and modern tailoring speak for itself. 

Wear with the matching Linen Trousers and White Cotton Linen Grandad Shirt to keep the look effortless. But, if you can’t resist, add a pop of colour with some debonair dress socks.

The Afternoon Meal

The good thing about linen tailoring is you’re already playing a different tune. So, of course, you can change the score when it comes to adding refinement to the casual every day. 

When it’s time to loosen things up, but stay classy - embrace the characteristic wrinkles. We all know natural linen looks best when your metropolitan morning has left its marks. Channel Vincent Cassel and embrace the afternoon’s elegantly crumpled texture with our 100% linen Dusty Blue Nehru Jacket. Updated for summer in shark tooth patterned linen that's crisp, substantial and breathable. Fully lined with cotton, its cut for a regular fit to emphasise its natural draping. 

The Linen Formal Trouser, with a revised fit and medium-rise, is a structured yet flexible partner to more than just a suit jacket. Play around with pairing and try the Blue Stripe Grandad Shirt untucked with your favourite summer shoes for quintessential summer charm, or tuck in a camp collar shirt for a hint of the tropics.

The Evening Drinks 

As the night stretches ahead, the evening may call for a different approach. If you don’t want the formality of a full suit but need a little sharpness to your look, the  Linen Nehru Waistcoat is an ideal choice. For a striking look and a welcome twist on tradition, there are few styles better for a transitional Spring/Summer evening. 

When you require a crisp look, pair our White Cotton Linen Grandad Shirt with the Navy Linen Nehru Waistcoat and matching trouser. Any good night should include little restriction, so leave the man bag behind. With two pockets the perfect size for stashing a few essentials, The Nehru makes a great addition for a night on the warmed cobbles of a city. Embrace that freedom even more and add a dash of colour with a bold pocket square.

For a pared-down palette draft in the Sand Herringbone Linen Nehru Waistcoat and your favourite shorts. Try the first two buttons of the Grandad Shirt or Kaftan Shirt undone and the sleeves rolled up. 

Olivia Foan 

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