Everything you need to know about the Nehru jacket

Whether you’ve heard of it or had no idea that it even existed, here is your definitive guide to the Nehru jacket.

In recent months, menswear has had a makeunder, meaning that we’re increasingly less likely to have to follow a set of somewhat old fashioned rules when it comes to choosing how to dress. The world is becoming evidently more casual which means that, while traditional tailoring still has its place, room has been made for more contemporary and wearable interpretations – such as the Nehru jacket. Read on for everything you need to know about outerwear’s unsung hero. 




The Nehru may have only come into circulation in modern menswear recently, but it is influenced by a centuries-old traditional Indian design and named after the country’s first independent Prime Minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Wildly difference from a traditional English blazer or suit jacket, the Nehru is unique thanks to its no lapel shape and traditional Mandarin collar, which today’s versions still have. Crafted in beautiful fabrics such as wool and velvet and available in a huge range of colours, our Nehru jackets have gained enormous popularity thanks to their standout versatility and unique properties.





If you ever walk into a room and have a distinct feeling that every other guy in there is wearing exactly what you are – or at least a version of it – then it’s time to make a change. The best place to start is with the first thing that others notice about you: your jacket. Having the confidence to go for something a little different to the standard navy blazer may be exactly what your wardrobe is screaming out for – so go forth with confidence, and use Nehru as your newest point of difference.




Perhaps the best thing about the Nehru jacket is its versatility. Whether you buy it as part of a suit for a special occasion or switch out summer’s lightweight jackets for a warm wool Nehru, it’s perfect for almost every occasion there is. What’s more, it looks as good dressed up as it does dressed down – a feat that’s rarely achievable by most outerwear. Our favourite way to style it? With a grandad shirt, a staple pair of workwear chinos and sharp white trainers: a simple look that’ll earn you instant style kudos.





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